Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health TV Shows

I rarely watch TV. I like to use my brain for better things, such as reading books/online or listening to music. Living with my sister, who is an avid TV viewer, has changed some things around. Whether it's for the best or not is another case. Reality TV anyone? Although it would be very me to watch The Biggest Loser for reality TV. Heh. As well, House happens to be my favourite show. Can one possibly fit anymore health into their life? Why yes, yes they can. With health TV shows! I have recently become addicted to two of them, which conveniently run one after the other for me . . . I live in Toronto but pick up Buffalo stations. Don't ask me how it works, it just does.

The first show is The Dr. Oz Show. His elf-like ears may be distracting at first but the crazy amount of knowledge this guy has to share with everyone is pretty amazing. He covers all the topics of health that you can imagine. My favourite part is when people ask him questions. There's always a random tidbit of information that you learn from those. As if I need to give my friends anymore random health knowledge . . . This show can be seen on CTV at 5 p.m for the Canadian folks. As for the U.S. viewers, click here to see local listings of the show.

The second show is The Doctors. If not for any other reason, you need to see this show for dreamy Dr. Travis Stork! He makes it hard to pay attention but this is another show full of health information about all sorts of topics under the sun. I've noticed that the format is very similar to Dr. Oz's show. So, who copied who? Not important. They both give very valuable information. Click here for local listings.

Also, make sure to check both of their websites for more information about some of the topics they have covered in the past. If you miss an important episode, you'll be sure to find some of the highlights in video on both of their websites so there's no excuse not to watch it!

Educate yourself and others! =)