Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keep Those Toilet Lids Down!

I found a short article in my favourite magazine, Women's Health, that I wanted to share with everyone. Habits are hard to break, I understand, but once you read how disgusting this really is, you'll change this habit fast!

There are more than 3 million bacteria per square inch inside the average toilet bowl. When you flush, those bad boys get ejected into the air and land on everything in the room, including that innocent bystander otherwise known as your toothbrush. Can you say "ick"? Always close the lid before flushing, and store your toothbrush in a drawer, advises Donna M. Duberg, M.S., assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at St. Louis University.

There's also this article that I found about putting down the toilet seat before flushing which includes a more scientific viewpoint. It's a bit long but very informative!

So, think you can do something as simple as putting the toilet seat down before flushing? Oh and you can also apologize to your "nagging" girlfriend/wife/mother/etc. for always telling you to do so in the first place! Looks like they had a point, after all.


  1. Well...it's one thing to ask men to put the seat down after they use the restroom but this means they have to put the lid down as well. I'll pass the word. I did start keeping my toothbrush under the counter long ago after hearing something about this.

  2. I've heard this before. I wished I hadn't been reminded that my tooth brush is like death on a stick.