Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Cancer and Preventive Health Rant

So, we all know that cancer and other diseases that kill us are terrible. When a family member/close friend/etc. dies to one of these, we are hurt and we blame the disease that killed them. Some of us go the extra mile and start advocating fundraisers to help beat these cancers/diseases. We get really passionate about it and dedicate months to different cancers and so on and so forth. We donate millions of dollars to find the cure for cancer, yet don’t spend a penny to find out how we can naturally prevent cancer. Yes, it is possible. We are all born with cancer cells. It’s just a matter of what in our lifestyle will make them go out of control, producing tumours and then killing us. And believe it or not, one of the things that can cause cancer is the same thing that can heal it. That thing is food. It’s the way that our food is made that is killing us though. But I’ll get to that in a little bit. Also, even if we found the cure, the treatment for cancer is usually unaffordable and our insurance companies fail us after we spend so much of our money so that they can help us when we need them the most. How many stories have you read of people struggling to buy their medicine for whichever disease they have and then have to use all their life savings just to stay alive? And because we live in a society where money and power rule, how much longer will you live after you lose everything you own? You know, stress kills, too.

We seem to have our priorities all backwards. Instead of caring for our health before we get sick, we care for it after we get sick. We eat the crap that is sold to us and accept it as food even though we are told how bad it is for us. “It’s just how it is these days. We can’t change anything.” How sad is it that we basically are accepting slow, painful deaths, which are occurring at a much younger age? (And I’m talking about the age of your body, not the age based on your birth certificate.) Does this mean that when a close relative dies, we’re supposed to say, well it was just bound to happen because that’s just how it is these days? Have we really stooped so low? There are strengths in numbers and yet, the number of people who actually care seem to be diminishing into nothing. I know that we all have to die at some point in time – it’s the cycle of life – but I also believe that poisoning ourselves early on and in turn, shortening our life spans should not be something that we just accept. It’s the “we can’t do anything about it” mentality that has gotten us to this point. There have been countless studies saying that today’s generation will be the first to have a shorter life span than its parents because of all the crap in our environment. “Hey parents, get ready to bury your children!” is the message we are being given, basically. But it can’t happen to us, right? We always think that until it does happen to us. And why take action after a tragedy like that? Why not do something about it before it gets to that point?

Studies are showing how the hormones in our milk are linked to cancer, how ingesting artificial food colours is linked to ADHD, how our food that is full of MSG’s, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup is linked to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. All the plastics (it’s not edible but we put our food/water /drinks in it) that surround us are screwing up the development of our children, among many other things. Then there’s obesogens (the three primary sources are found in plastics, pesticides, and cosmetics) and carcinogens, which are slowly getting more media attention. But you knew all of this, right? Because if we all did, why aren’t we pressuring our government to make sure that the food that is sold to us isn’t going to kill us? Where are the millions of dollars spent to make sure that the food is being made in the best and healthiest way possible? Why aren’t we spreading awareness about this the same way we spread awareness about every cancer and disease imaginable? The information is out there if you look for it, but not in the same numbers as there is information about donating money to this and that cancer/disease. And don’t even get me started about where that money is actually going because we will never really know, will we? To say there isn’t enough money for preventive health would also be a lie as we seem to have it for everything else! If we are willing to spend millions towards research for cancer, why aren’t we willing to spend the same amount to force manufacturers to practice healthier production of our food? Why aren’t we creating events and fundraisers to educate others about preventive health and the truth about how our food is made? All these events have us thinking that we’re fighting cancer and diseases, yet we don’t do anything about PREVENTING them! If you don’t want your child to fall off the bike and hurt himself, you teach him how to ride it so that you can prevent him from falling, right? Well, why aren’t we being taught how to prevent cancer? Why isn’t that information as readily available as anything else?

It all comes down to money and power. Hence why I don’t think the government will ever do much to help us. There are too many crooks involved, not to mention that they have a plan for depopulation (but that’s a whole different argument altogether). Hospitals are businesses, surprise, surprise! Doctors get paid to give you that heart transplant after a heart attack, not to tell you how to prevent getting one. Also, instead of telling you how to prevent any type of sickness through natural methods/home remedies, they will quickly give you a prescription. Pharmacies exist to sell you overpriced drugs that don’t even get to the bottom of your problem. They’re unnatural and they make you think that your pain is gone but it’s just putting a Band-Aid on top of the problem. It’s not curing anything. I mean, come on, if it actually did, you wouldn’t have to spend the rest of your life taking them! Here’s the answer to not spending the rest of your life taking meds . . . eat healthy and exercise! Time and time again, obese people who lose lots of weight also get off many of their medications, if not all. Your body is no longer suffering.

And another thing . . . Do you ever wonder how it is possible that we constantly have recalls on food, toys and other products that we use every day and that are key to our survival? We live in a tech-savvy world full of new inventions that are just out there and we can’t get something as simple as food made a healthy way or a toy that is safe for our children? I mean, really? Or are those awesome new gadgets created to distract us from the truth around us? The fact of the matter is that these aren’t all accidents. I know that people aren’t perfect and we’re going to make mistakes but it is unacceptable at the rate that we’re going. All the companies care about is how to make the most for the cheapest and then sell it for five times what it is actually worth. We are paying to kill ourselves, imagine that! If we can’t trust the food that we are sold or the items that we are sold, then what do we have left?

I agree that organic food can get expensive, but shouldn’t your health be your first priority over anything else? And what good is that extra money after you’re diagnosed with heart disease/cancer and then all your savings are being spent on medicine or even worse, you die and don’t even have time to use that money? We have put such a disgusting amount of importance towards money when health should be our first and foremost priority. Once again, what good will all that money be if you’re not even alive to spend it?

We have power in this, even if many may not think that we do. If we stopped buying this crap they’re trying to feed us, manufacturers will have to change their ways. If there’s no demand for it, they can’t sell it! If we demand to know exactly what is in our food, they’ll have to change what they put in it. (McDonald’s now has to provide nutrition facts on their food. There has also been pressure for restaurants to provide nutrition facts for their meals as well.) If we ask for safer methods of making our food, they will create them, because without us and our money, they have nothing. If we don’t accept the crap that is being fed to us, things will change! Sadly, because the majority accepts whatever they’re given, the progress we could be making is a lot slower as a result. We have power and there have been countless examples of groups of people who have changed how manufacturers make their products. It is why the organic section in your grocery store is slowly continuing to grow. If you need more proof of how people have changed the way our food is made, just watch Food, Inc. I know it’s not as popular as all the reality shows and other distractions out there, but it’s out there. Some people do care enough to make a change. I just wish more people would care about this issue.

And if you still need more convincing, just think about how tobacco industries and smoking was viewed 20-30 years ago and how it is viewed today. We can make a change, but it takes a lot of effort. The only reason these changes sound so hard to accomplish is because we are being raised in a society that is making us lazy, making us accept things for what they are, making us think that we’re powerless and can’t do anything about it. If there’s nothing else you take away from this message, at least give all these questions a second thought. Start thinking for yourself and start thinking about what surrounds you and what you are being sold. Knowledge is power and we can do wonderful things together if we just unite with one goal in mind: to create a better and healthier future for ourselves by not accepting the crap that is being fed/sold to us.

So why do I even bother ranting about this to what seems like deaf ears? Because I care and I want others to care. I think more people would care if the education/platform was available to them about these issues. I think others would change if they could afford to buy healthy food. (Gardening is hard work but it’s cheap and well worth it in the end!) But I also think that we spend way too much time making excuses for ourselves when there are none. You either care about your health and life or you don’t. It’s as simple as that. It breaks my heart that so many people just accept this unhealthy path or start caring after they’ve already done so much damage to their internal organs. I’m going to leave this off with Gandhi’s famous quote, "be the change that you wish to see in the world." I’m hoping that my passion about this can at least get some people thinking and maybe even looking further into this issue.

If you are curious to learn more, some good resources include:
Book: “Organic Manifesto” by Maria Rodale
Documentaries: Food, Inc and Processed People (trailers available below).
TV and website: Dr. Oz,
Website: WebMD,
And many, many more . . . you just gotta find ‘em!

Trailers for documentaries (due to my blog's width size, the videos are cut off on the side so please open them in YouTube for a better view!):


  1. Powerful writing there, Agata! Going after the reliable information is time consuming, and it requires a lot of patience, but at the end it is well worth it. One just has to make a habit out of it.

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